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President's Page - October

By Simon Harrison

Manchester Football League President John Hyde has his latest say on things.

Hello everyone,

Woken up to yet another storm today, I hope that it passes without any problems for any of you and we can get in a full programme of games this weekend.

I am happy to advise that at our meeting this week, we agreed a sponsorship deal with a local firm of property maintenance specialists, Kensington Repairs, and I hope that we have a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

Following on from this deal we have been able to purchase a supply of Substitutes Bibs which will be delivered to each club, either by post or by one of the committee members within the course of the next few days.

There will be 5 bibs for each team and these MUST be worn particularly by teams in Divisions 3 and 4 where "roll on, roll off" substitutes are being used.

In my last missive I mentioned that we, in common with all the other Step 7 leagues in the area, are having problems getting referees to cover all the games. Well I'm sorry to tell you that we have another set of problems over the next couple of weeks with County Cup games, FA Vase, FA Cup and now NWCFL Cup competitions. I know that Jason Rostron, Referee Secretary, is calling in favours from all over the North West to make sure all the games are covered but I'm afraid that it may not be possible to get all the games covered.......SO if you get a call from the big lad asking you to get your own ref or call the game off it really is because he has no choice in the matter, so please don't give him a hard time!

I also had a bit of a moan about touchline discipline last time but, so it would appear from my most recent trips out, it fell on stony ground. PLEASE, PLEASE keep the technical areas and touch lines clear of all people who are not involved in the game, it does concern me when I see young children playing or running close to the touch line, imagine a 5 year old getting hit in the head by a ball, or worse by a 12 stone hairy arsed footballer running at full belt, do I need to spell it out any further?

Another thing I feel I need to mention, which kind of follows on from the above, is Insurance. There has been a couple of high profile sporting injuries in the past few weeks, the lady who lost the sight in one eye after getting hit by a golf ball at the Ryder Cup, and the two lads who sadly died after completing a half marathon. I know we are a bit different from these two sports but cases like this tend to focus peoples minds towards litigation and compensation. I know that all of you should have cover as part of your County Affiliations but please check that these are in force and adequate, particularly with regard to your own players where the accident cover will be very basic, maybe as little as £30 per week, what most of us spend on a night out, never mind try to live on. Individual Personal Accident cover is easily available and doesn't cost a me it was part of my job for getting on 50 years.

I have left out details of the results etc on purpose.......Simon does a great job on social media and on the podcast so why should I rain on his parade?

Have a great weekend, take care, hopefully I will see you on a touchline shortly.


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