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By Simon Harrison

President John Hyde has a few words to say.

Hello Everybody,

I hope you are all well and getting back into the swing of things......... like playing football again.

Having been a player myself, admittedly a long time ago, think knock in studs and folded up newspapers instead of shin pads, I never realised what actually goes in to getting a game organised, and it wasn't until I joined the Manchester League Committee, that I understood what running a League involves......I used to have dark hair!

Lots of work goes on behind the scenes, and one of the most important jobs is making sure that you ALL get a ref for your game.

I've said this many times before, like them or loathe them you can't have a game without one.

I also on a fairly regular basis, bang on about discipline.

People..........the two things are intertwined.

The lack of discipline is one of the main reasons that the whole game, not just the Manchester League, is losing referees at an alarming rate and not attracting new referees to take not only their place but the place of refs who are retiring.

With that in mind the League has decided to fully fund 12 candidates to take the referee course during the current season.

These courses cost north of £150 so this is a significant investment on our part BUT also on YOUR part so that we can keep all our games covered. I know from going round the grounds that there are players, some of whom I speak to and they say "Might have to think about standing with you next season Hydie, getting a bit much for me now" who could find a new direction as a ref, they know the league, they know the grounds and they would still be involved with the game, still able to turn out on a Saturday afternoon instead of schlepping round Asda, and in a lot of cases have a beer with the players after the game.

I really don't want to use this as a selling point but our current refs fees are the highest in the area. The training isn't onerous, an online safeguarding course and then an evening and a full day out on the pitch.

I'm not going to go into too much detail here, but if you are interested, have a read of this please contact:

- Me
- Scott White (Secretary)
- Jason Rostron (Referees Secretary)

in the first instance and we can give you more details.

Look forward to hearing from you.

John Hyde

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