Member Club Referee Course Offer

By Simon Harrison

The League are putting out an offer for member clubs to help ease the national referee issue.

Hello everyone,

In response to the nationwide shortage of match officials, the League Management Committee has agreed to fully fund TWELVE candidates to take the FA Referee Course during the current season.

We are looking for suitable candidates for these places through nomination by our member clubs.

The League has made the decision to get actively involved in referee recruitment as we have had several weekends this season where Jason Rostron (Referee Secretary) has had NO spare referees, and the situation is likely to get worse.

We strongly believe that you all deserve better than playing without a recognised match official, so have decided to take this huge step to try and rectify the problem 'in house'.

Referee courses cost upwards of £150, so this is a significant financial investment by the League.

We believe that there is an untapped pool of potential refereeing talent at our clubs, primarily in the form of players who are coming to the end of their playing careers, but who want to stay in the game.

Such players bring with them invaluable experience of the Manchester League, which we feel would make them ideal potential candidates to become referees.

Nominated candidates can continue to play throughout the course and afterwards, but will not act as a match official in any fixture involving or affecting their club.


We would like all club secretaries to speak with their team managers to help identify potential candidates at your club for the Referee Course.

Older players are the obvious potential candidates, but applications will be considered regardless of age.

Once identified, clubs should then notify the League of any players they wish to nominate and we will take it from there.


The first part of the Referee Course is comprised of five online modules that take around ninety minutes to complete:
1. Before the Match
2. Signals and Communications
3. ‘Getting it Right’
4. Offside
5. Managing Restarts and Set Pieces

Candidates must also complete an online module on Safeguarding.

Once these have been successfully completed, candidates move onto eleven hours of face-to-face training.

This is normally one evening plus a full day, based in a training room and out on the pitch, which will take place at a Manchester League ground.

Once completed, candidates must then referee five matches to formally qualify, and these games will be managed by the Referees Secretary and Manchester FA.

Continuing support will then be available as we help your development with a programme of MFL and other matches.

- Candidates that pass the course will commit to the MFL for one season.
- The Referee Secretary will work closely with all referees in planning their development and organise a programme of fixtures.
- Candidates will not referee their home club.

We are happy to answer any queries, which should be directed to Scott White or Jason Rostron in the first instance.

Kind Regards

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