By Simon Harrison

President John Hyde adds further details to the League statement issued earlier today.

Dear all,

Following the cancellation of the Bridgewater Cup on Tuesday night, there has been considerable comment on the Leagues decision to declare this year's competition null and void.

Much of these comments have been made on social media and email, and, frankly it is ill-informed and incorrect.

As President of the Manchester League I feel it is necessary to set things straight once and for all.

Prior to the game, the eligibility of the players was as usual, checked and, during this check, it came to light that Leigh Athletic had played an ineligible player in the Semi Final.

Whilst that situation on its own meant the Final could not go ahead, it lead to further checks which revealed that Leigh had in fact played other ineligible players in the Semi Final and earlier rounds.

These checks also revealed that other Clubs in this competition had also played ineligible players.

This may have been intentional, or due to a lack of familiarity with the competition rules, but as it has now been discovered, the Committee felt that the competition had been seriously compromised and the fairest solution was to "pull it".

I have to say, in fairness to them, that Uppermill do not fall into this category of clubs.

I accept that the checks were carried out late, but given the number of postponements, cancellations and rescheduling of matches we have experienced this season, this was beyond our control.

The rules of all the competitions are available on the website, and via the App and were all approved by the clubs at the AGM prior to the start of the season, and are, in my opinion, quite clear. If any queries arise, the Secretary, the Discipline Secretary or myself can all be contacted if clarification is needed, as was also made clear at the AGM.

I can assure you all that this decision was not taken easily or lightly but now you are all in possession of the full facts, I hope you will agree, we had no alternative.

Many thanks,

John Hyde

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