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11 months ago By Simon Harrison

John Hyde has his latest say in his first entry of 2018 in his President's Page.

Well I managed 28 days of dry January (it ended in spectacular fashion Sunday and with a hangover Monday) just wish the weather had been as co-operative!

We did lose quite a few fixtures and I think we will lose a few more but, according to Scott, we still have plenty of time to get the games played without having to resort to a raft of night games, so lets hope the weather gets better and we can carry on, but my thanks goes to all of you who have managed to get games played be it on grass or plastic, and keep the league running.

I think it's pretty much common knowledge now that Avro and Wythenshawe Amateurs have applied for promotion to the new NWCFL, and we wish them every success in their applications. Both Clubs will have to undergo ground inspections etc so as yet, we can't say what is going to happen, we may have clubs moved sideways into the League or relegations from NWCFL, all I can say for definite is that it is the wish of the Management Committee to maintain the Premier Division at 16 teams so when we know more I will set out our proposals.

I have been round quite a few grounds just recently and have noticed that routines differ, some teams go back "in" at half time and others stay "out", but there doesn't appear to be any set formula (if that's the right word) for half time drinks. I realise that at this time of the year maybe not soup or Bovril would be preferable, but I think you take my point, there is no rule that says Clubs MUST provide half time drinks but I think it's polite to do so and the ref and assistants need to be included, so if you don't do half time drinks would you rethink it please?!

You will all know that this year is the 125th year of the League and the tickets for the dinner are now on sale and, are going quickly. We are limited to a capacity of 180 so please make sure you have put your order in.

I went to the National Football Museum last week and they have agreed to display the Premier Division trophy there along with putting it on their website together with a history of the League so keep your eye out for that and any publicity that goes with it.

I have resolved to try and be less grumpy this year and the first President's Page has passed without a whinge........lets see how long I can keep it up!!

Enjoy your football and, as I always say, if you have a complaint about the League don't tell someone else......TELL ME!


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