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By Simon Harrison

League President John Hyde has his latest say here...

Afternoon All,

Three days into Spring and we have yet another blank weekend because of the bad weather, believe me the decision to cancel all the fixtures is not one that we take easily, we are aware that there are outstanding cup games, some teams who are well behind with fixtures, and the impact that no football can have on your finances, but we have to balance this with travelling in these conditions, not just players but officials as well, and the potential that having travelled the game is still called off and the extra expenses that this can incur. SORRY!!

The tickets for The 125th Anniversary Dinner have been issued and, apparently, are going well. I have been asked on several occasions, whether attendance is compulsory...... well, no it isn't, BUT, given that we are one of the oldest Leagues in the country, and two old member clubs are currently sitting in the top two positions in the Premier League, the next major milestone is 25 years away which, for whatever reason, some of us may not see, then I think it's fair to say that we would expect ALL of you to do your level best to attend.

I have said previously that I try to get to as many grounds as I possibly can, and during the course of these wanderings, I see things, some of which please me and impress me, some of which annoy me, and its the latter that I feel I have to mention here.
Behaviour in the Technical Area.

These are here for a reason, to make sure that all the subs are in one place, that the managers don't walk up and down the touch lines etc etc.

PLEASE PLEASE try to adhere to these "rules" it looks a shambles when people are wandering up and down the line, young children are playing next to the touch line, stray footballs get onto the pitch, managers encroach onto the playing area either to give instructions or hurl abuse. In our Premier Division the refs are asked to "mark" each dugout so it can have an effect on the clubs reputation and on the reputation of the League.......lets be honest its not nice to hear someone being called " a f****** stupid ****" from 50 metres away.

I know we all get frustrated and carried away but PLEASE THINK ON!!

Whinge over.

CONGRATULATIONS to Avro on their victory over East Manchester at Hyde United the other night at a cold Ewen Fields in the Manchester FA Challenge Trophy. Finals are never really great games but this one was played at a terrific pace with a fair amount of skill on display from both teams, behaviour was good and all in all it was a great advert for the Manchester League. We are proud of you both.

Because we are retired and need to fill in our days, Platty and I had a trip out to St George's Park on 15th February to watch and England Under 15 international against Belgium, where all 4 officials were young referees from the Manchester League. England lost 1-0 to a last minute goal, having squandered several good chances and missed a penalty. The game was well officiated by our youngsters and I hope that their progression continues to the very top, Chris Kavanagh is now a regular on the Premier League and he started his career in the Manchester League.

St George's Park is one hell of a set up, if you ever get chance to visit, take it, you will be mightily impressed......and you will see where all your fines are going to!!

You will have seen an email from Platty about possible rule changes which we will have to make for the new season and at this time of the season you also have a chance to add or change rules. So if there is something that sticks in your craw rules wise and you think it needs amending then put it in writing, get a seconder and send it off to Platty.

We still haven't had definite details from NWCFL regarding their new structure so I still can't give too many definite details as to the structure of the MFL for next season but hopefully we will have it sorted before the next clubs meeting.

Take care out there, enjoy your football.....whenever it gets played.


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