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By Simon Harrison

League President John Hyde has his latest say.

Afternoon Everybody,

Hopefully I can get this cracked off before England and Denmark kick off, and my glass of wine is over chilled!

Last week we held the AGM at Chadderton FC, the last act of yet another disrupted season, and thanks to Dave Shepherd and his crew for their hospitality.

The AGM has to follow a set agenda so it is normally a fairly short and uneventful evening and last night was no exception.

There were no rule changes, the accounts were proposed and accepted, as were the previous AGM minutes and the appointment of the auditors, promotion and relegation was not an issue because of the truncated season, so what the hell did we do?

Well......we welcomed into the league 5 new clubs:

AFC Burnley
Avenue FC
Bolton Borough FC
Cavaliers FC
Daisy Hill FC Development
And welcomed back Manchester Central FC

All of these clubs will start off in Division 2 and we hope that they enjoy their football with us.

We set the start of the playing season,

Premier, One and Two - 7th August.
Three, Four and Five - 28th August.

We said that for this season fees would remain the same, although I'm pretty sure that they will have to increase in the future, our grant from the FA is reducing, so its £200 per team as it has been for several seasons, BUT if the FA Inter League Trophy starts up again we will have to make a levy of £30 per club.

We confirmed that the make up of the Management Committee would stay the same apart from the Secretary who would now be Scott White, which means, as you already know, or will have deduced that Phil Platt has stepped down from this role.........a role he has had for the last 21 years.

To be President of this League when you have a Secretary like Phil is a pleasure, not all the time, its fair to say that over the years we have not always seen eye to eye, on more than one occasion he has said to me "Hydey you can't say/do that" and invariably he has been right, for which I thank him, although still don't always agree!

To have his support when I took on the role of President was invaluable, in fact I used to say to him it was a bit like Star Wars, I was the young and impetuous Skywalker and he was the wise and considered Obi Wan Kenobi and so it has remained and hopefully the league has benefited from it. Phil is remaining on the Committee, possibly to keep me in order, and will now be a Life Member and Vice President and I look forward to continuing our association for many years.

Scott White who you all know as Fixtures Secretary, is taking on Phil's role, and whilst they are big shoes to fill I have every confidence that Scott will be up to it and will keep the Manchester League as one of the best, if not the best, in the North West. Scott has lots of experience not only as Secretary of Prestwich Heys but also as Secretary of some league of Southern Softies, before he saw sense and came back to God's Country, and I am looking forward to working with him, I know he has some new ideas which we all find out about in due course.

We currently have two very experienced and able club reps in Tony Lee from AFC Monton and Michelle Simpson from Uppermill, but for several seasons we have not had a club rep from the Premier Division, so if you are reading this and thinking "I could do that" and you are with a Premier Division club, drop me an email and we'll take it for there, it's not a hugely onerous job, we meet normally once a month at Monton for a couple of hours and we will pay your travel expenses, an interest in the direction of the Manchester League going forward would be preferable and if you want to fit in with some of the members, an ability to drink Gin helps!!

So there you have it, two seasons we will all be pleased to see the back of, thank you all for your patience and fortitude, lets hope Covid "does one" and we can all get back to playing some proper football.

Have a good summer break, take care and stay safe.........SEE YOU EARLY AUGUST.


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Phil Platt Steps Down Phil Platt has stepped down from his role as MFL Secretary.

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