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By Simon Harrison

League President John Hyde has his latest say before the Christmas break.

Evening Everybody,

I must admit when we started the season in August, I harboured doubts as to whether we would get to the Christmas break or not, but here we are!

Absolutely nothing to do with me, solely down to ALL OF YOU OUT THERE who have done everything you could to get games played, despite the slings and arrows of Covid, weather, staff shortages and all the other stuff you have had to put up with.


I have, as usual, done my best to get to as many games as I can, but I have to be honest, my main focus so far has been to visit the new clubs to the League to make sure that they understand the way we work and they are happy they have joined us. By and large they are, some have settled better than others but, well that's football I'm afraid, you win some, you lose some.

We have lost a couple of teams which was, I reckon, inevitable. The pandemic has changed peoples attitudes, the question "Are you playing footy?" which always, in my house at least, was answered by "Saturday in't it" no longer is the norm, lads have found other things to do, I hesitate to say shopping, but its possible, I only hope that in the near future these lads get itchy feet and want to start playing again, we will do our level best to accommodate you believe me.

I've not, as yet, been to any 3rd or 4th Division games, but that will be remedied next year I promise. The standard of football I have seen I think is getting better, ok there are rogue results but that happens at all levels, and I know from conversations I have had, that the Manchester League is still a bit of a bench mark for local football, and judging by the enquiries to join us next season, continues to be, long may that be the case.

It is the season of goodwill so I won't make any comments about touchline behaviour......I'll save that for the New Year.

Two weeks off, enjoy the break, kick back put your feet up, don't worry if it pisses down on Friday night, just pour yourself another cold one, Netflix and chill!!

Thanks again for all you have done to keep the League running, take care, stay safe, see you in 2022.

Happy Christmas to you all, all the very best,


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