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By Simon Harrison

Our League President John Hyde has a few words to share.

Morning Everybody,
Hope you are all well and looking forward to the challenges of the New Year, still not easy I know, but things do seem to be getting better and hopefully we will get a full season in.
We have one or two initiatives that we will be contacting you about in the near future, which we hope will improve the quality in the league and give opportunities to more, especially younger, players to make the transition from youth to open age football, but more of that later.

You know that I bang on about respect, discipline, behaviour all that sort of stuff, but just for a change I want to say "Thank you".


Footballers, at our level, get a lot of stick, for being rude and abusive, not caring about facilities, leaving litter and generally being a right royal pain in the arse.
I'm glad to say my recent experience of the Manchester League is totally at odds with that.
During the past months I have seen lots of charity events and games played for local charities as well as National ones. I shouldn't really single clubs out but Springhead and their support for the Ricky Casey Trust is magnificent, Georgians held a charity day in memory of Ged for Cancer Research, Atherton Town are supporting a charity for their managers little girl who has a rare condition, Uppermill did an event for the NHS the list goes on.
I know that pretty much all of us will have donated in the past and will continue to do so in the future, not just players, but spectators too, I know match officials who have donated their fee, we as a League have also chipped in (but it's really just your money re-cycled!) and even people who have no connection with football but see me on a charity bike ride ask what it's about and then give me a tenner.
Give yourselves a round of applause, keep it up and if you have a charity event, let us know, we will put it on our website, free publicity is good publicity and if it gets another few quid, so much the better.

Thanks all, but, and it wouldn't be me if I didn't say it......Please behave on the touchline, be nice to one another this year!!


Where next?

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