Presidents Page - February

By Simon Harrison

Manchester Football League President John Hyde has his latest say on things.

Hello Everybody,

So here we are, February 2019, the 1st of which was the first "official trading day" of the Manchester Football League Ltd.

I have said previously that there will be little perceptible change to the running of the League, but I will take this opportunity to remind you all that the old Bank account is now CLOSED and any payments should be made to the new account the details of which are:

Sort code: 30-90-89
Account no: 39389968

Please make a note of this, or, if you are not the one who makes the payments, pass it onto the appropriate person, please also bear in mind that our new trading conditions state that emails sent to the correct address are deemed to have been RECEIVED 24 hours later, so "Didn't get the email" is no longer a valid excuse.

I suppose I should say if you are not the one who makes the payments, let us have the email address of whoever is so that they can be copied in and unnecessary delays eliminated, which could mean a fine for "Failure to deal with League business" is avoided!!

Up until a couple of days ago, life was rolling along like a song, fixtures, even allowing for the 2 week break, which seemed to be appreciated by everybody, were on schedule and we had not had many postponed games. THEN........snow and ice, not exactly unexpected at this time of year, but still unwelcome.

As expected, we lost a lot of games this weekend so thank you for abiding by the league rules regarding postponements.

Simon Harrison, "the media guy", is doing a great job with the results round ups and podcasts, so there is little point in me going over them again, but I have been really impressed with the hospitality I have been shown at all the grounds I have visited, and pleased to see that more and more visiting teams are stopping after the games for some "refreshments" before setting off back, I know I'm old, but that's how it should be, play hard for 90 mins, then shake hands and share a beer!!

We all have our opinions of referees, but at our last clubs' meeting at Wythenshawe Amateurs (Thank you, Bas and staff for your help) one of "our own" Chris Kavanagh, who is now a FIFA ref had a 45 min Q&A session in which he outlined his days, nights, travels, problems or otherwise with VAR, to us. I have to say it was an eye opener for me, and I'm sure most of the others present just to see what they have to do as top officials, it was mind boggling the amount of miles he had driven not counting air miles travelled, and then at the end of it he has to deal with 22 super egos on a football pitch and put up with the abuse of maybe 75,000 fans.......yes I know, he is well paid......but I'm not sure I would do it for a gold pig! I'm sure we all wish him well for his future progress, you never know in a few years you might tune into the World Cup final and be able to say "I remember that guy reffing me against Atherton Town in the Manchester League"

I hope that you all stay safe and warm over the next few weeks and we are able to get some games played, but in the meanwhile take care out there.

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