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Presidents Page - September

By Simon Harrison

Our President has his first blog of the season.

So, here we are again (the words of the song continue "Happy as can be", but I'm not sure that applies right across the League) with another season of you having to put up with my ramblings, but, and I'll say this right at the start, if you have anything to say, say it to ME either in an email, text, phone call or if you see me at a game......don't take to social media and slag us all off, frankly its counter productive, it winds people up (the Management Committee included) it doesn't really get you anywhere, and doesn't present a great image of the League, dare I say it's like pissing yourself in a black suit, you get a nice warm feeling for a few minutes.....then nobody notices!

We're a month in already, even though some of you have only just started your fixtures, and, from my point of view, things look to be going well.

I've been to several games and they've all been played in the right spirit. There have been the usual spats but, lets face it, that's what you get in football, but the games I've watched have all ended in handshakes and, where possible, the sharing of a beer in the club afterwards HOW IT SHOULD BE GUYS.

The new teams in the league have started well, I've watched them both and look to be enjoying things, the clubs promoted to the Premier Division look to have adjusted to life there and are making some of the more established teams sit up and take notice, long may it continue.

New season and some new rules to contend with, bear with me if I remind you of some:
1- Please pay the referee/officials BEFORE the game.
2- Please use the substitutes' bibs we provided, particularly in the divisions where we have roll on roll off subs.
3- Remember that players who are "Sin Binned" need to be identified, or made a note of because these go on the refs report to the FA and attract disciplinary points just like cautions. Five cautions means a ban, back in the day it would normally take at least 5 games to accrue 5 cautions, but, and you will know this already 2 sin bins and a foul can get you 3 "cautions" in one game so think on please.

You will all probably know that again this year we are entered into the National League System Cup and our first game is on 25th September away against West Yorkshire League.

Lee McAllister is the team manager and he is in the process of putting together his squad, so if you are asked by him to make any of your players available, please do your best to help him out. There is a friendly fixture in Liverpool on 17th September so he may be in touch sooner than you think.

I think that's about enough for the first missive of the season, so I'll wish you all well, enjoy your football and take care.



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