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By Simon Harrison

League President John Hyde has his latest say.

Hi everyone,

Even though it's the season of Goodwill and all that, it wouldn't be me if I didn't start with a whinge. Despite only having played a few games, I and other members of the committee have had several complaints from referees and assistant referees about the level of abuse that they are getting not only from players but managers and spectators, too. STOP IT PLEASE!!

We can't operate the league without officials, and one of the most frequent phone calls that I get on a Saturday afternoon is "Hydey, the ref hasn't turned up!" So you DO appreciate having one after all, so think about it and maybe make it a New Year Resolution.

Now to more positive matters..... We are up and running again even though the weather Gods are doing their best to disrupt things and I've already seen two really good games that make me know that we are all happy to be back. We now have a vaccine so I am hopeful that we will be able to complete the season, because of the efforts you guys are making, hand sanitisers, social distancing spaces marked out and generally adhering to the FA guidance notes, not only that but the efforts you are going to to get games on or move them to 4G facilities. On behalf of the committee, thank you.

Obviously fixtures are subject to change and Scott is always ready to assist in this direction, but please give him as much notice as you can if for whatever reason you can't fulfil or have to change grounds.

There isn't really a great deal for me to say so, on my own behalf and on behalf of all the Management Committee, I wish you and all yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and uneventful New Year. Take care and stay safe, hopefully see you all again soon.


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