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By Simon Harrison

League president John Hyde has a few more words for you.

Hello Everybody,

Well, we are off and running again and I would like to thank all of you for your patience and forbearance over the past 6 weeks.

From what I have seen and been told things went well, although if you lost you may not agree, and there didn't appear to be any problems related to Covid matters. Its not great I know and having for years banged on about improving facilities etc etc, not to be able to use the changing rooms wasn't great, the only bonus being that it was a fine day, when it gets wet (as it invariably will) and you leave the pitch covered in mud blood and snot the prospect of no ain't great but WE NEED TO GO WITH IT IF WE WANT TO CARRY ON PLAYING.

We're all aware of the rules so despite it being a right royal pain in the arse PLEASE stick to them and, should you get a visit from the Police, be pleasant and polite don't lets get a reputation for being a league of morons.

We have already had a couple of postponements where players have tested positive, and, given that we have getting on for 2000 players registered, I think it is inevitable that this will happen again.

Please let the league know as soon as possible if your club has a positive test and the day your quarantine will end, we will then do our best to keep you playing but if we can't, please don't give us a hard time.

Thank you once again, take care and stay safe.

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