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Presidents Update - New Year

Hello Everyone,

I hope this finds you well and not developing webbed feet after the almost continuous rain we have endured over the past few weeks, although as I look out of the windows of Hyde Tower this morning, it's bright and sunny so maybe, just maybe, we will get a full set of fixtures played this weekend, the last before the two weeks break.

It's been a season of change so far, I think you will all be aware that we had to make a lot of changes to the LMC over the summer (what summer I hear you ask) but they have, certainly from my point of view, all been beneficial and the new members have all "bedded in" well, and the new clubs to the MFL seem to be enjoying the football, certainly the ones I have spoken to are, and in general, they say "it's a well run league" which is great to hear.

As ever, I do the rounds of as many grounds as I can, and from those that I have visited I can see that you are all making efforts to bring up the standard, not only of the facilities, but also the way the game is played. I have banged on before about touchline discipline and I make no apology for doing so again, please refrain from the sort of histrionics we see from the professional game, it doesn't do any of us any credit.

After a two year hiatus, the MFL has entered the National Inter League cup again, and in our first match, at a freezing ground on the outskirts of Liverpool, we beat the Liverpool League 2-1, and progressed to the next round where we then met West Cheshire at the Vestacare on January 13th, winning this game and seeing us through to the last 8. Many thanks to the players and Danny McWilliams for putting together such a great performances.

We have had a couple of very regrettable resignations from the league recently and we do take the reasons for this on board. I come from a club background and am well aware of the commitment it takes to get a team on the park on a Saturday afternoon. If you need help please let us know we will see what we can do.

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